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The DREAM Playbook from Foundation Marketing

Let's cut to the chase... You're not getting the results you want from your content.

You’ve written blog posts. You’ve shared them on social. You’ve even shared them via email. But you’re still struggling to see your content reach the audiences you’re trying to connect with and drive results from.

But the salt in the wound has to be when you see…

  • Competitors creating & distributing their content better than you and generating more growth as a result of it.
  • ​Your traffic living and dying based on SERPS & the algorithms of Facebook, LinkedIn & other networks.
  • Content that cost you thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours collect dust and do nothing week after week.

We’ve all bought into the idea that content is king.

And we’ve all created content. We’ve invested in it. And as a result, it’s become harder than ever to stand out amongst the noise.

… Which is exactly why content distribution is so worth it.

The DREAM Playbook 🚀
Distribution. Rules. Everything. Around. Me.
An online masterclass hosted by Ross Simmonds complete with ready-to-use templates & frameworks.
Over the last few years, I've distributed blog posts, videos, podcasts, slides, infographics & more for my own brand & for clients to reach millions of people.

The content I’ve touched has made the front page of Reddit 7x, combine for more than 1M visitors via social & referral traffic, more than 1.2M views on Slideshare, over 500,000 impressions on Twitter & 40,000 views a month on LinkedIn.

It came from having a deep understanding of how to spread stories across multiple channels without coming off as a spammer or someone STARVING for more diverse traffic. This isn’t some special skill or talent…

It’s something I’ve trained people how to do at my agency. And it’s something that they’ve gone ahead and trained our clients how to do internally.

This is how you extract the value from your content investment you deserve.

The DREAM Playbook will show you the exact techniques we've used at Foundation to spread our content and drive long term results.

It’s our distribution efforts that got you here, and it’s our distribution playbook that you can access right now and build a content distribution engine that’s…

Scalable, repeatable, cost efficient & results-driven.

This playbook is more than just a PDF guide you read through once then forget about as well. We’re giving away a lot more than just one guide here.

Here's what you get with the Playbook:

Take it from the folks using the DREAM Playbook already...

"Before DREAM, I was just focusing on content creation and left the distribution to the end. Now I focus on distribution first."
Nelio Leone
Founder of UrbanMonks

In this webinar & playbook, I'm going to give away some secrets that I've never talked about before...

It's time to give your content marketing efforts a boost.

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