The State Of Reddit Marketing In 2022
Reddit Marketing: What Content Actually Works?
It's 2022 and marketers are still terrified of Reddit. No matter how many people are scrolling through Reddit daily – there's one common phrase we hear across the marketing world...

"Reddit and marketing just don't mix..."

So we decided to conduct an in-depth Reddit marketing study to answer these three key Reddit questions:
1. Is Reddit worth investing time & money into?
2. Can Reddit work for brands in 2022?
3. What content actually works on Reddit?

What did we find?

After analyzing over 60,000 posts from 150 top subreddits to identify what content actually works, we've compiled our key findings and results into an in-depth report called The State of Reddit Marketing in 2022.

The full report includes:

– Complete breakdown of 150 top subreddits
– The best Reddit post titles for all industries
– Research-backed post format recommendations

*** Plus three exclusive bonuses:

– 3 case studies from brands winning on Reddit 
– A tried and tested Reddit post formula
– An actionable Reddit how-to guide packed with tactics
The Complete Reddit Report Includes:
Character count breakdowns from the top performing posts in 150 of the most popular subreddits across multiple topics and industries.
Detailed link-type graphs to show which types of links perform the best. External website links, images, videos, and more.
Reddit post-type comparisons breaking down what content gets the most upvotes and comments across all 150 subreddits.
BONUS #1  Exclusive case studies & interviews with B2B & B2C brands that have successfully increased traffic and sales on Reddit.
BONUS #2  A tried and test Reddit post formula you can use to reverse engineer the top posts in each subreddit every single time.
BONUS #3 – Complete access to 4 spreadsheets breaking down which 3-word combinations perform best across all subreddits analyzed.
Full Access To The Ultimate Reddit Marketing Guide
For a limited-time only, the State of Reddit Marketing Report will also included complete access to all of the insights, strategies, and tactics included in The Ultimate Reddit Marketing Guide.

This action-packed guide was designed to help you:

– Start sharing content that WORKS on Reddit
– A proven technique to reverse engineer any subreddit
– Generate more leads & sales directly from Reddit
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